Correntes d’Escritas

The Power of Words!

Every year, we are overflown by books, words and expressions that make us think, that carry us away to another place, that make us forget, for a moment, the reality that surrounds us. To this end, Casino da Póvoa teamed up with Póvoa de Varzim City Council in the most culture-centric event in Portugal, the “Correntes d’Escritas”. Over the course of 3 days, every February, the city fills up with writers, publishers and book lovers, in a clear call to all those for whom words are their life.

Casino da Póvoa names the Literary Prize and awards € 20,000.00 to the winning writer. Recognizing both prose and poetry, the Casino da Póvoa Literary Prize has already been awarded to many winners, among which we highlight:

  • The book: O Vento Assobiando nas Gruas, by Lídia Jorge (2007)
  • A Terceira Miséria, Hélia Correia, Relógio D’ Água (2013)
  • Uma Mentira Mil Vezes Repetida, Manuel Jorge Marmelo, Quetzal (2014)
  • • Categorias e outras paisagens, Fernando Echevarría, Afrontamento Publishing (2015)
  • Afastar-se, Luísa Costa Gomes, Leya/D. Quixote (2022)
  • “O meu corpo humano” – Maria do Rosário Pedreira (2023)

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