Correct Your Behavior

1 – First, be honest with yourself and then with others.

2 – Discuss this problem with a specialist: a relative, a friend, a counselor, your doctor, or else decide to call “anonymous gamblers”.

3 – Talk to the directors of the Casino, they will understand and help you. The experience they have in this activity gives them enough knowledge to advise you.

There are solutions that the Casino can implement in order to help you overcome your addiction to gambling:

1 – Gamble only with cash or previously limit the amount you want to gamble by using only one time your debit card.

2 – Request a written ban from the Gambling Inspection Service. The Casino directors can help you formalize that measure.

But above all, take on your own responsibility.

Running away from problems does not solve anything. Gambling can and should only be a matter of pleasure and fun.

Have fun gambling, but please do not exceed the limits of your ability.